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Bear River Watershed Council

Category: Non Profit
Services: Education/Outreach, Monitoring, Recreation
P.O. Box 404
Richmond, Utah 84333-0404
Description of Services:  Our Mission is to: Protect, restore, and sustain the ecosystem health and the biological diversity of the conservation corridor of the Bear River watershed. The corridor is a critical wildlife link between the northern and southern Rocky Mountains passing through southern Idaho and northern Utah.
Area:  Bear River Watershed

 Current Project: Motorized Use Data Project (MUD) trains and sends volunteers into our National Forests to document motorized impacts such as unauthorized roads, severe rutting, dispersed camping damage, and intrusions into wilderness areas. Volunteers take digital photos and GPS (Global Positioning System) waypoints, and BRWC compiles the information for agency and public use.

The Bear River Watershed Council has launched a new program called Friends of the Canyon. It is comprised of citizens concerned about the welfare of their local canyons. All members of the community are invited to make a difference by simply keeping their eyes and ears open to activities that impact wildlife habitat, public lands, and our community's open space. Friends of the Canyons will also participate in canyon clean-ups, restoration efforts, and minor maintenance projects.

Experts: Miller, Dan