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Utah Rivers Council Salt Lake City

Category: Non Profit
Services: Advocacy, Education/Outreach, Information, Lobbying, Speakers, Training/Courses/Workshops
Location:  1055 East 2100 South Ste. 207
Office Phone:  (801) 486-4776
Utah Rivers Council (URC)
Salt Lake City
1055 East 2100 South
Ste. 207
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Description of Services:  The Utah Rivers Council seeks to protect Utah's rivers and clean water sources for today's citizens, future generations, and wildlife. We implement this mission through grassroots organizing, direct advocacy, research, education, community leadership, and - when absolutley necessary - litigation on behalf of rivers and people that depend on those rivers.

The Council is founded on a passion for protecting Utah's rivers. We base our work on the belief that as much as our work is about rivers, it is also about people. This belief comes from our understanding that healthy rivers, healthy people, and healthy communities are intertwined goals. This belief is also based on the conviction that an engaged and informed public is what will ultimately change the terms of the debate about the future of Utah's rivers.