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Name Title Status
A Preliminary Investigation of Climate Change Impacts on Soil Water and Carbon Dynamics   Completed
A River Continuum Analysis of an Anthropogenically-Impacted System: The Little Bear River, Utah    
Bear River Conservation Action Plan   Completed
Bear River Watershed Historical Bibliography   Current
Bear River Watershed Historical Digital Collection   Completed
Collection and Analysis of Socioeconomic Data in the Bear River Basin Watershed Study Area   Current
Comparison of Limnological Characteristics in Cutler Reservoir (Utah) near the Inflows of the Logan River and the Logan Wastewater Treatment Plant    
Contributing to Drought Management Through Understanding Factors Influencing Human Conservation Behavior   Current
Development of a Laboratory Watershed Information System for the Bear River Basin   Completed
Evaluating the Effects of Conservation Practices on Water Quality   Current
Factors Affecting Native Cutthroat Trout Population Dynamics, Abundance, and Distribution in the Logan and Bear River Drainages: Comparing the Effects of Varying Degrees of Anthropogenic Impact   Completed
Hydrologic Contributions from Springs on the Logan River, Utah   Completed
Limnological Analyses of Cutler Reservoir and Dingle Marsh with Respect to Eutrophication    
Motorized Use Data Project (MUD)   Current
Radiant or Ravaged: A photo exhibit    
Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring on the Logan River   Completed
Restoration of Critical Spawning Habitat for Bonneville Cutthroat Trout   Current
Stream Alterations   Current
USEPA Targeted Watersheds Grant   Completed
iUtah, Biophysical Ecohydrologic System Work Plan   Current
iUtah, Coupled Human-Natural System   Current
iUtah, Social and Engineered Water Systems Work Plan   Current
Little Bear, CEAP Project    
Wyoming, Bear River Sediment TMDL