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Biophysical Ecohydrologic System Work Plan iUtah

Category: Research
Status:  Current


Abstract: We will construct and operate an ecohydrologic observatory called GAMUT, which stands for Gradients Along Mountain to Urban Transitions. GAMUT will measure aspects of water inputs, outputs, and quality along a mountain-to-urban gradient in three watersheds that share common water sources (winter-derived precipitation) but differ in the human and biophysical nature of land-use transitions. GAMUT will allow for real-time monitoring of common meteorological variables, snow accumulation and melt, soil moisture, surface water flow, and surface water quality. Once GAMUT is functioning, research activities will be phased in to address our research questions. We recognize that GAMUT will not allow us to close the water balance in any one watershed; thus, our goal is to provide a sorely needed infrastructure platform to make Utah more successful in future large competitions for research funds.

Year 1 Goals:
Goal 1: Enhance Utah’s capacity to monitor ecohydrologic processes in the WRMA
Goal 2: Enhance Utah’s capacity to understand ecohydrologic processes in the WRMA