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Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring on the Logan River

Category: Monitoring
Status:  Completed

Contact:  Jeff Horsburgh

Subject:  Water Quality Monitoring Logan River
Category:  Monitoring
Data Type:  Water Quality

Abstract:  A real time streamflow and water quality monitoring station will be installed in the Logan River near the USGS streamflow gauging station at the exit from Logan Canyon, UT (USGS 1019000). This station will provide continuous monitoring of streamflow (provided by the existing USGS gage), water temperature, dissolved oxygen concentration, specific conductance, pH, and turbidity. These data will support integrated water-related research and educational activities at USU and the Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) aimed at answering the following research questions: 1) how do streamflow and water quality in the Logan River change with time on short and long-term time scales; 2) what is the relationship between streamflow in the Logan River, climate, and water quality; 3) what is the utility of water quality data that can be collected in real time in answering questions one and two; and 4) what are the challenges associated with designing, installing, operating, and maintaining real time water quality monitoring stations in support of a Laboratory Watershed?

The data collected will be incorporated with the Bear River Laboratory Watershed Information System ( to provide users with instant access to the data via the Internet. This real time monitoring station will also serve as a model in terms of logistics, equipment, and partnerships for potential future real time monitoring stations located throughout the Bear River watershed in support of the Water Initiative's Laboratory Watershed efforts.

Investigators:   Horsburgh, Jeffery
Stevens, David

Organizations:   Utah Water Research Laboratory
Utah State University